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Career Center

The Air Force Academy produces outstanding leaders of character for the Air Force and the nation. The AOG encourages all graduates to make the Air Force your first career. Regardless of how long you remain on active duty, we all transition to the civilian workforce sometime.

The AOG Career Center is a collective set of tools and links intended to assist Academy graduates who are looking for civilian employment.

Many of these tools are military specific, geared toward helping the Air Force officer transition into civilian employment.

Networking plays a key role in the job search. Be sure to tell as many people as possible that you are looking for new opportunities. Participate in our LinkedIn group to connect with other graduates members of that leading business networking site. Graduates with jobs to offer also are encouraged to post them and offer other search tips. There, companies interested in making use of your military training and skills are also posting openings.

Many of the links listed in the Career Center may take you to websites to which the AOG's website Privacy Policy does not apply. The opinions expressed on these outside sites are not necessarily the opinions of the Association of Graduates. The AOG exercises no authority or control over the content and/or practices of the sites. Services or advertising offered through the sites are not recommended, endorsed or sponsored by the AOG. You are solely responsible for your interactions with these websites.